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Retrieve a Fully Merged BIM Model Ready to Use for Maintenance with Forge
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Through innovative case studies, learn how to use BIM 360 Docs software, Forge software, and Forge software’s Ecosystem with Data Soluce. The class will enable attendees to onboard a building project and retrieve a comprehensive and fully merged intelligent model ready to use for maintenance. You will learn how to eliminate double data entry, inaccuracy, and silos between different actors during the design and construction phase, which complicate today’s intelligent models for facility management. You will discover how a fully merged intelligent model on Forge, with a seamless and accurate data flow, can be a game changer for all actors involved in a building project, from preliminary design to the design phase to construction and maintenance. Whether you are an owner, a project manager, or a BIM manager, you will gain understanding about how Forge can bring transparency and accuracy on a building project, eliminate additional costs, and save time.

Key Learnings

  • Learn how to create a ready-to-use BIM model for maintenance
  • Learn how to merge all your intelligent models to retrieve a comprehensive database
  • Learn how to bring consistency to your deliverables (3D and specs)
  • Learn how to maintain an accurate data flow throughout the building’s lifecycle



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