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A Radical Collaboration: Assimilating Fusion 360 and Revit to Design a Neonatal Ambulance

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    This talk will deconstruct the results of a radical and uncharacteristic pairing of students and faculty in the fields of interior design, industrial design, and electrical, mechanical, and biomedical engineering. They devised a common language using Revit software and Fusion 360 software for building, exploring, and testing a proposed retrofit for a neonatal intrahospital transport unit for Hospital Escuela in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. In a Revit walk-through, we will simulate design visualizations that optimized the ambulance environment for the newborn, EMT, driver, and family passenger. In Fusion 360 we will demonstrate animations methods for refining anthropometrics and human factors related to ease of operations and methods of movement for accessing the infant, stored medical supplies, incubator instrumentation, and related equipment. This case study will illustrate the inimitable opportunity to break down the boundaries of discipline-specific language, and create a new lens for collaborative dialog and problem-solving.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how the assimilation of Autodesk tools provided visualization of project parameters across the industries and served as the unifying tool in the design process to heighten and refine the functionality, safety, and performance of the proposed design.
    • Gain insight into how Fusion 360 is employed as a tool for evaluating human factors and universal design strategies in the built environment through an animated simulation of the storage systems.
    • Learn how to apply the methodologies and Autodesk tools used in this real-life project to manage divergent multidisciplinary groups, and achieve similar generative-design strategies and workflow outcomes.
    • Gain an understanding of how a unique collaborative of diverse disciplines successfully integrated Revit and Fusion 360 applications to prepare the digital design of the ambulance for equity analysis and seamless manufacturing.