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Navigating the Stratosphere: Pushing the Cloud to the Limits—Salt Lake City International Airport

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    Following a 12-year planning period, HOK was commissioned with the design of the Salt Lake City International Airport in Utah, considered one of the largest aviation projects under construction in the United States. In 2017, the airport launched a new 740,000-square-foot concourse expansion to the ongoing project, bringing the total area to 2.3 million square feet, with a total construction cost to $2.8 billion. This provided HOK with the opportunity to realign its BIM Execution Plan with a brand-new set of design technologies supporting big data, including A360 Collaboration for Revit cloud service, FormIt 360 software, Dynamo Studio software, Revizto, and Enscape. Learn how HOK re-evaluated, strategized, and adopted new technologies to enhance the collaborative design process; and hear what hurdles and opportunities appear when the cloud is pushed to the limits by projects of colossal dimensions.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to properly budget, plan, and deploy BIM workflows in the cloud for airports
    • Learn how to overcome challenges when managing big data on cloud services
    • Learn how to visualize, share, and review huge models in the cloud
    • Learn how to identify and resolve issues using Collaboration for Revit in large projects