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Moving Your Jobsite Supervision to Cloud with Forge and Revit

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    How about taking the value from your intelligent models (building options, phasing, equipment placement) from preconstruction to the jobsite? And how about grabbing jobsite information (execution dates, consumed materials, purchase orders) to enrich your intelligent models? This is now all possible with easy deployment and no extra cost using connected Revit models thanks to the Forge platform and the Revit API. Some of the key features include: a custom user interface that fits exactly the jobsite needs (quick filters, interactive visual reports); the ability to monitor the progress of construction work with a 4D visualization experience and a calendar module; and input forms and a back-end database to collect the real execution data. This class is the story of how Vinci Construction and Autodesk Consulting have developed a Forge prototype that meets all of the above criteria. We will expose the workflow and demonstrate how we capitalized on the different API functionalities in Revit software and Forge, coupled with BIM 360 Docs software.

    Key Learnings

    • Understand how to capitalize on BIM 360 Docs and the Data Management API and learn how to run the Forge application directly on your projects
    • Discover the benefits of the Forge Viewer and Model Derivative API to help navigate and interact with the model and build user-friendly forms to show relevant data
    • Understand how to capitalize on the Revit and Forge APIs to create an efficient 2-way communication between the 2 platforms
    • Understand the benefits of Autodesk Consulting services throughout an EBA contract