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Model Coordination Workflow: 5 Years of Evolution

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    Model coordination has been around for more than a decade; but it's a laborious task that has too often ended up incomplete. Impacts caused by poor coordination and low-constructability models are costly. Plus, they become major factors of reluctance toward Building Information Modeling (BIM) evolution on the parts of the site workers because they can't rely on it for construction. What we will demonstrate in this class is not your daddy's traditional coordination process. Instant communication replaces long-lasting clash coordination meetings. You'll also learn techniques to engage site workers in the upstream coordination process and benefit from their experience. We will present the different types of issues in BIM in a real project case study. Identification of issues without proper methods to manage them and ensure they are resolved is a waste of precious time. Using different tools such as Revit software, Navisworks software, and the BIM Track platform, attendees will learn workflows to optimize this process and reduce time spent on documenting.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to use an efficient workflow to recognize the different issues in BIM, what to communicate, and how to have issues solved and documented at the same time
    • Learn how to publish clashes from Navisworks to Revit directly
    • Learn techniques to engage your site workers in the coordination process
    • Learn how to analyze metrics to improve your methods and keep going