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Mitigating Construction Risks with BIM and Robotic Total Stations

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    As a general contractor, quality control of building layout and verification is necessary to minimize the risk of rework and additional costs or schedule delays. When establishing site control to implement the use of total stations, the team will need to work through a number of challenges and prerequisites. General contractors will need to understand the risk of taking or not taking this responsibility or transferring the risk to third-party quality assurance / quality control teams. Buy-in from the project team and enforcing trades to work on the same controls across a site is important to consistency in layout and verifications. This class will highlight all the prerequisites and challenges that general contractors might typically face when implementing this process, and we’ll document a generic workflow for efficient implementation and best practices. This class will also cover a generic workflow of managing layout using the BIM 360 Layout app, Point Layout software from Revit software, Navisworks software, or AutoCAD DWG™ technology. This session features BIM 360 Layout, BIM 360 Glue, and Point Layout. AIA Approved

    Key Learnings

    • Identify prerequisites to implementing BIM-enabled robotic station layout and verification
    • Recognize a general contractor’s risks and potential outcomes of not owning building layout verification
    • Learn how to push BIM to the field
    • Define a generic workflow and best practices for day-to-day building-layout management with trades