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The Making of an IoT Nervous System: Pier 9's Smart Bridge

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    This class dives into our cross-divisional project at Autodesk for the making of a SmartBridge inside our Pier9 facility.We'll walk through our case study where we used structural analysis, Eagle, Revit and Forge to design and plan the layout of sensors onto an interior pedestrian footbridge. Using sensors for strain, acceleration, temperature, pressure, humidity, sound and cameras, we created the "nervous system". We then integrated all this live sensor data into Autodesk's cloud environment, and used Forge to bring all the data into one context on top of the BIM.Using data at the centre, we'll show you how we learned from the data to create various machine learning analytics for interacting with people on the bridge. In our class, we'll go over how we applied big data analysis techniques, machine learning, computer vision and visualization in the cloud to make our bridge "smart".(Joint AU/Forge DevCon class).

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how IoT can be applied to learn from a design in the real world
    • Learn how we used Revit, Autodesk Nastran, Robot Structural Analysis Professional, and other Autodesk tools to design our IoT system
    • Learn how visualization played a key role in understanding our data and design, and how to further develop and learn from the data generated by our smart bridge
    • Learn the importance of contextualizing sensor data in BIM on the web