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MEP Mechanical Room Prefabricated with Revit—Make Your own Prefabrication Package

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    Engineers will be intrigued by the conversion of an MEP mechanical room with numerous pump connections to a construction-ready model. Installers will be interested in our 3D Fab map with identified pieces and indication of the field connections. We’ll divide the mechanical room in several sections to optimize fabrication in the workshop. We’ll generate cut length sheets and bills of materials, which makes possible spool labeling per zone to minimize material handling and increasing jobsite efficiency. We’ll realize all of this using Revit software, ReCap Pro software (retrofit jobs and jobsite scanning), Revizto (issue tracking and virtual reality), and the Victaulic Tools For Revit. We will present this in an interactive way by combining presentations and movies with live demonstrations.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover Revit assemblies
    • Learn how to cut down on installation costs by using prefabrication
    • Learn how to create a model for prefabrication
    • Discover the functionalities of Victaulic Tools For Revit