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Integrated MEP Design and Construction: The BIM Revolution

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    BIM (Building Information Modeling) integration in MEP designs streamlines project delivery by introducing a sophisticated plan early in the process. BIM is redefining MEP integration by resulting in material cost savings and decreased production time that translates into further cost savings. MEP integration on a BIM platform streamlines material procurement, which ensures that material estimation is reliable and that production cost is saved by avoiding over-ordering. In this class, we will explain how MEP contractors can use BIM in MEP integration to get a bird's eye view of different segments, right from the ceiling elevations, to the plumbing layout, and through other MEP systems. We will focus on exploring how BIM is redefining integrated MEP design and ensuring reduced production costs. Also, we will discuss how integrating different analysis software with the intelligent model is revolutionizing MEP integration.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how BIM is redefining integrated design and construction, saving cost and time.
    • Learn how to collaborate using the central model and optimize the design and save significant project costs.
    • Learn about integrating different analysis software with the intelligent model.
    • Discover case studies with successful usage of the integrated MEP design.