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How to Win the 3D Model Coordination Champions League

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    Coordination is one of the highest-value ROI activities a construction project can undertake. A well-coordinated project can result in many millions of dollars saved and a project that stays on schedule. Bottlenecks can occur when an individual handles clash detection. That’s why democratizing coordination and collaboration strategy can have a huge impact on identifying and solving clashes quicker. In this session, you’ll learn how to define the perfect coordination strategy built on a common data environment to find, manage, and solve issues faster than using traditional workflows. We’ll explain how coordination can have an impact on quality, cost, schedule, and business winnings. Moreover, you’ll learn how to define a file management strategy for model coordination to automatize clash-detection workflows, going step by step into the BIM 360 platform to manage, communicate, resolve, and report clashes, either if you’re a BIM coordinator or part of the design/preconstruction team.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover how BIM 360 can help to improve coordination and accountability between trades
    • Discover new or adjusted workflows that you could apply to your daily work to automate clash detection
    • Learn about how BIM 360 connects different teams for a holistic project review and coordination
    • Discover how to define the perfect coordination strategy built on a common data platform