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How to Persist: Application Data from Revit into the Cloud—Focus on Prefabrication

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    Prefabrication and automation in offsite construction requires building models to be rich in data. The generation of construction drawings, creation of a bill of materials and the application of fabricated information is required in the model. In wood construction for example, it requires modeling of accurate processing (precutting) and assembly of prefabricated items including tooling (e.g. nailing and milling operations). All this, including derived data in the form of CNC files, shop drawings, etc., needs to be accessible by all stakeholders - the builders, prefabricators and project managers. By combining Autodesk products and APIs, hsbcad has developed improved workflows to create and modify rich model content. Revit content is able to enrich cloud based BIM that drives CNC equipment and improves on site processes. This leads to increased efficiency and cost control for the complete construction process.Joint AU/Forge DevCon class

    Key Learnings

    • Get a better understanding of requirements of prefabrication in construction
    • Understand how to enrich a Revit model to express prefabrication
    • See how a cloud application can lead to improved efficiency of the construction process
    • Understand the potential of Autodesk cloud APIs