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How BIM 360 Glue Supports Verkís BIM Implementation

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    Verkís Consulting Engineers has gained various benefits from using BIM 360 Glue software. Before taking on BIM 360 Glue, coordination and clash detection of models was a time-consuming process that delayed project delivery. Project managers had less overview over the design process in BIM (Building Information Modeling) projects, and involving stakeholders in the BIM process was often unsuccessful. With BIM 360 Glue, Verkís has streamlined coordination and clash-detection processes involving designers in the cloud environment, shortening coordination meetings and delivering better-coordinated models in less time. Project managers have better overview and are more involved in the design authoring and coordination process. The use of BIM 360 Glue and virtual reality (VR) for design review has opened a new market sector for Verkís. In this class, we will present different benefits of using BIM 360 Glue with different design projects. Verkís is an Icelandic engineering firm that provides services in building, energy, industry, and infrastructure sectors.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to support BIM implementation with BIM 360
    • Learn how to improve workflows for coordination and design review
    • Understand how cloud solutions can support BIM processes
    • Discover different use cases for BIM 360 Glue