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Design and Detail Shear Walls and Slabs in the Most Effective Way with Revit
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In this class, you’ll discover a set of high-end effective tools to optimize, design, and detail RC shear walls and slabs within a BIM platform such as Revit software. You’ll discover firsthand how to store seismic results and theoretical reinforcement values in Revit and use them to design and detail shear walls and groups of shear walls, optimize the fabrics distribution over an entire slab, and manage additional bars around openings. After having created and optimized the 3D rebar model based on design-driven rebar cages and reinforcement areas, we’ll go through the detailing part generating corresponding fabrics and rebar schedules, and we’ll see how we can manage the bars splitting to consider fabrication and transportation constrains and generating the final reinforcement drawing. Don’t miss this opportunity to discover a new workflow and new tools that will help you take a major step forward in your future rebar project management using Revit and Graitec technology together.

Key Learnings

  • Learn how to store seismic results and theoretical reinforcement values in Revit
  • Learn how to generate design-driven 3D rebar cages for shear walls and groups of shear walls according to international standards
  • Learn how to optimize the rebar and fabrics distribution in a slab, taking into account fabrication constrains
  • Learn how to generate the detailing drawings and include fabrics schedules on slabs and walls



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