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Defining a Holistic Owner-Driven Building Information Modeling Project Delivery Standard

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    This session will present how an enlightened building owner (The Ohio State University) has successfully partnered/collaborated with both a Building Information Modeling (BIM)-savvy architect and contractor to develop a BIM project delivery standard that enables the model to serve as a single source of truth for relevant spatial and asset information throughout the building lifecycle. This delivery standard has truly begun with the end in mind by taking advantage of the knowledge gained from the BIM for the existing buildings portion of the Buckeye BIM Initiative. We'll highlight how the .RVT portion of this deliverable will work in collaboration with Revit software's COBie Toolkit-structured data to facilitate its utilization in asset management, space tracking, geographical information system (GIS), and sustainability. Lastly, we will highlight the need to implement Technology Solutions and workflows to enable the use of the model across the university and to support interoperability with other data systems.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover the planning process used to develop a BIM project delivery standard as an owner
    • Explore how BIM can reduce the total cost of operations/ownership
    • Define how BIM can streamline the turnover of spatial and asset information using RVT and IFC files combined with COBie Toolkit
    • Discuss the technology used to support the use of the model data in operations and maintenance, and explore the processes used to maintain delivered models