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Data Integrations for a Construction Project

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    This presentation will revolve around a large industrial project to demonstrate the data workflow from design through construction, as well as the site data gathering for data visualization. By using the following software platforms—BIM 360 software, Assemble, BIM Track, Primavera P6, and Microsoft Power BI—the information from this project’s different components is visualized and combined in Power BI. Dax and M language in Power BI are utilized to manipulate raw data. Metric-based results in Power BI dashboards are organized tab by tab in accordance with different analytical functionality. We’ll give detailed examples to represent the information cross-referencing between the disciplines. This presentation will help different stakeholders track the progress of projects from qualitative and quantitative perspectives based on locations.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to process takeoffs, version comparisons, and asset management in Assemble and BIM 360
    • Learn how to generate model-based schedules in Assemble Schedule Integrator
    • Learn how to manage clashes via BIMTrack
    • Learn how to mine data and visualize multiple data sets via Power BI