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Creating New Worlds: Advanced use cases for large BIM and 3D model sets

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    Building transformative experiences like Star Wars Galaxy's Edge is complex. At that level of complexity, we use all the tools at our disposal, and BIM is rapidly evolving our cross studio integration approach. Our storytelling relies on many creative assets, from sketches or media based content to design documentation and all the way to fabrication and installation applications. Creating digital replicas of entire projects empowers creativity and accelerates the understanding and trust across our teams. With over 60 specialized disciplines to lead, coordinate, and support; our team successfully scales to integrate these complex disciplines using many software platforms. With a set of strategic coordination solutions we do everything from testing how things would fit in 3D, to analyzing sightlines, and then feed a system that WDI built in virtual reality to simulate the park. We'll see how these approaches were used on some of our most iconic projects!

    Key Learnings

    • Develop ways to understand and define the complexity of projects challenges.
    • Collect new ways in which 3D modeling can empower concept to design and on to fabrication and installation.
    • Learn how cross industry learning has improved some internal workflows.
    • Explore ways in which Virtual Reality systems can help teams understand and program complex ride attractions.