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Collaborative Delivery Between Design and Fabrication: Passing the Baton

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    The handoff between project engineers and fabricators is a key juncture in project delivery. Any mistakes at this stage can mean costly rework and project delays, and an inefficient handoff of design data can bloat budgets and unnecessarily extend project schedules—leading to cost over runs, litigation, and unnecessary headaches for owners. The Autodesk-sponsored Engineering Executive Council explains how improvements to the current situation will benefit project owners—improve project quality, reduce costs, speed up timelines—and offer some initial solutions. The Council will present customer stories of “best practices” to owners followed by a discussion on how to put them into practice. An example will be The Engineering Research Center at Brown University which utilized integrated project delivery (IPD) with cloud-based BIM (Building Information Modeling) technologies (BIM 360 Design software and Revit software) which resulted in a 90% cost reduction and 20% time savings. The project was delivered within budget and two months early.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover initiatives that have the potential to build a strong foundation to better integrate teams for closer collaboration.
    • Learn how to reduce wasteful and redundant workflows, enable cultural change, and enhance project team morale to improve project outcomes.
    • Learn how to create an environment where all stakeholders collaborate to improve project quality, reduce costs, and speed up timelines.
    • Learn how to optimize the value of information as it passes between engineers and fabricators to reduce wasted time and do more with less.