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Civil Design and a Living InfraWorks Model: Utilizing Dynamic Civil 3D Design Features

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    This class will describe the benefits of dynamic Civil 3D design and living InfraWorks models. You will learn how to easily connect Civil 3D features to an InfraWorks model and publish for collaboration with engineers and stakeholders. As the design is progressing, the visualization updates for easy viewing and discussion. This simple process will impress management and clients alike. This workflow will decrease rounds of incremental edits during the feasibility and options phases of a project. The InfraWorks model makes it very easy to get quick measurements and volumes, and perform analysis. For many companies, it is important to work efficiently, show value in a process, and have ease of operation. Maintaining a living model checks all of those boxes.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to build an InfraWorks model using model builder
    • Learn how to add dynamic Civil 3D feature sources and configure them
    • Learn how to stylize proposed features in InfraWorks
    • Learn how to publish and share an InfraWorks model