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Beyond Preconstruction: VR and BIM 360 Empowering Collaboration in a Global Company

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    This class will demonstrate how Skanska is capitalizing on virtual reality (VR) to foster collaboration and communication between design, preconstruction, and operations in one of the world’s largest construction companies. The class will provide specific examples, including international coordination between Skanska USA and Skanska Sweden, external collaboration between the architect and the construction manager, and internal collaboration within preconstruction service groups, such as scheduling and estimating. We will also discuss benefits and best practices. These include the benefits of a templatized, data-centered approach that enables the user to create immersive experiences for any platform.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover how VR is being used in preconstruction
    • Understand how VR can increase internal and external collaboration
    • Learn best practices associated with creating VR templates
    • Learn the benefits of linking to external data sources such as Forge and BIM 360