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BIM + GIS = InfraWOW! Using InfraWorks and Revit to Make Stunning Presentations

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    No building exists in a vacuum. From conceptual energy analysis and shadow studies to neighborhood design motif and materials pallet, the importance of understanding and responding to a building relationship with its surrounding environment cannot be overstated. Yet showing Revit-based software models in their contextual environment has traditionally been a difficult process, often consisting of nothing more than a few white boxes manually extruded from CAD surveys. Using the ability of InfraWorks 2014 software to import and render massive datasets in real time, architects can present and analyze their designs with the surrounding terrain features, transportation networks, and buildings fully modeled at the block, neighborhood, city, or regional level. Through an examination of real-world case studies, this class explores workflows and sources of free GIS data to unlock the full potential BIM and GIS collaboration, creating stunning presentations along the way.

    Key Learnings

    • Explain the role of GIS data as it relates to building design, analysis, and presentation
    • Locate, import, and configure free GIS data and Revit models into InfraWorks
    • Analyze design models using themes
    • Create, present, and render design scenarios and animations