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BIM 360 VR Collaboration for AEC/Construction with InsiteVR, Unity and Forge

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    InsiteVR brings VR collaboration to the AEC industry. Teams already using BIM 360 can extend their workflow into collaborative VR by accessing the latest models, reviewing them and adding BIM 360 issues directly within VR headsets. InsiteVR leveraged Forge APIs and the Unity game engine to bring the power of BIM 360 collaboration onto groundbreaking new hardware, Oculus Quest. This class will discuss techniques used to view large scenes on Quest VR hardware for a delightful user experience. The class also discusses how the "View in VR" button was added directly inside the BIM 360 web viewer. InsiteVR will also showcase a few customer success stories using the BIM 360 integration. Attendees will participate in a live demo of a live multi-user VR meeting using the latest standalone VR hardware.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn about collaborative VR
    • Learn about the new groundbreaking VR hardware—Quest
    • Learn how to bring BIM 360 models into Unity
    • Learn how to customize the BIM 360 web page