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BIM 360: No Model, No Problem

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    BIM 360 software is not just for models! You can use the tools built into BIM 360 to manage many different tasks in a collaborative environment outside of traditional BIM industries. In this class, we’ll explore classic collaborative issues that hamper productivity and limit the ability to transition to a BIM environment. We’ll take a look at how to implement a Level 2 BIM system to enhance collaboration and efficiency while maintaining consistency while also utilizing Forge to automate time-consuming tasks.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to set up BIM 360 projects to maximize efficiency
    • Learn how to utilize BIM 360 built-in tools for work-request submissions and tracking
    • Learn about how Forge can be used to automate repetitive tasks
    • Learn how Revit models are not necessary to utilize the benefits of BIM 360