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BIM 360 Design: Opening the Doors for Real Collaborative Project Execution

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    BIM 360 Design software for Revit cloud collaboration has fundamentally changed the way the architecture, engineering, and construction industry works on complex projects that require collaborative workflows. This class will focus on explaining the concept of BIM 360 Design, the new avatar of Collaboration for Revit. We'll demonstrate the fundamentals of using collaborative workflows using BIM 360 Design, and illustrate how multiple stakeholders can collaboratively work on a project using Revit cloud work sharing. The co-speaker—the national BIM (Building Information Modeling) manager of a large architectural firm—will explain how their company used BIM 360 Design to deliver complex projects on time and on budget using real collaboration on the firm's Revit models.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to set up a BIM 360 Design project and create Teams spaces for various disciplines
    • Learn how to upload Revit models on BIM 360 Design Cloud server for collaborative workflows
    • Learn how to create and issue packages to be used by other teams
    • Learn how to use Document Management to review the cloud-based model and compare the differences between different versions of models