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AutoCAD to Revit and Beyond: An Introductory Guide for Architects and Engineers

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    This class is a case study on the integration of Revit by a small to mid-sized engineering firm working in building construction. The class will explore the implementation of Revit by delving into a few BIM projects. The study will show that Revit is not restricted to large projects; rather it is well suited to the “everyday” buildings, such as housing, schools, offices, and more. The focus is on experiences the firm had along the way from CAD to BIM such as detailing, coordination, and standardization. Those experiences are lessons that will increase any firm’s proficiency using Revit without sacrificing production. The class will also show the collaboration between architectural and engineering companies on multi-disciplinary Revit projects. In the end, we hope to show architects and engineers of any sized company for any sized project how to integrate Revit into project delivery and how new technologies such as Autodesk A360 will further increase the efficiency of the BIM.

    Key Learnings

    • Understand the use of Revit by a small to mid-sized engineering firm.
    • Be prepared to handle the problems of transferring from CAD to BIM, and their solutions.
    • Use Revit efficiently to develop construction documents for any sized project.
    • Use collaborative technologies such as Autodesk 360 in developing interdisciplinary Revit projects.