Autodesk Forma’s environmental impact analysis for architects

 Available to subscribers of the AEC Collection or Autodesk Forma.

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Autodesk Forma empowers architects with comprehensive, easy-to-use environmental impact analyses for pre-design and schematic design. Explore concepts and optimise living quality and sustainability.

Overview of analyses in Forma

Area analysis

Understand area metrics relevant to your site and evaluate how design decisions impact your project scope.


Sun hours analysis

Evaluate your site's sun exposure by assessing sunlight hours at various points on the ground or building façade for any date.


Daylight potential analysis

Ensure your project meets daylight requirements by identifying and redesigning areas with insufficient or excessive daylight.


Wind analysis

Use detailed or rapid wind analysis to assess how your building mass is impacted by the wind conditions on site.


Microclimate analysis

Improve thermal comfort of outdoor areas using analysis results informed by the sun, wind, and local weather data.


Embodied carbon analysis (in tech preview)

Measure buildings' embodied carbon impact and work towards carbon objectives with iterative design and parameter changes.  


Noise analysis (beta)

Assess the site's noise conditions from rail and road by rapid or detailed noise analysis and gauge the effect of design decisions on noise reduction.


Solar energy analysis (beta)

Identify a site's yearly solar energy potential and optimal panel placements, and refine design decisions to meet sustainability goals.


Analysis extensions

Extend Forma's capabilities by using the Forma API to craft your own personalised analysis extensions.


Total carbon analysis for architects

Design for a more sustainable built environment

Use a combination of carbon analysis tools in Forma and Insight for Revit to optimise embodied and operational carbon from concept to detailed architectural design. Available in the AEC Collection.

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