Autodesk AI in water asset management

Turning the tide with AI in the water industry

With Autodesk AI enhancing key workflows, water professionals are better equipped to build resilient infrastructure and face new challenges

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AI is here to empower water professionals

Demand for drinking water is rising. Storm patterns are shifting. The stakes have never been higher for the water industry; and the world needs every ounce of creativity and innovation from water professionals to address these issues. 

Autodesk AI is helping water professionals realize their ambitions for the industry, by delivering the insights they need to develop innovative solutions and the efficiencies to do so at speed. Ultimately, the goal of AI in water management is to help protect water and build more resilient, sustainable infrastructure for all.

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Tap into visibility, speed, and savings

With Autodesk AI’s automation and analysis capabilities, water professionals can expect benefits such as: 

  • Better informed decisions. Strengthen strategic plans with AI-powered predictive analysis and demand forecasting. 

  • Smoother project delivery. Reduce rework and boost productivity, letting your team focus on the most rewarding work.

  • Reduced capital spend. Catch infrastructure issues before they become costly, and spot opportunities for energy savings. 

What Autodesk AI can bring to your workflows in water infrastructure

machine learning deluge tool within InfoDrainage

Predict flood maps with speed and precision

Drainage designers need full visibility of a site’s flood risks for accurate planning. Our Machine Learning Deluge tool, as part of Autodesk's InfoDrainage, instantly predicts channeling and ponding while highlighting where stormwater controls will have the most impact. 

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Create rehab plans in a fraction of the time

Pipe inspection is a critical step in asset management and rehab planning. The new integration of Info360 Asset, with VAPAR.Solutions streamlines pipe inspection, reviewing hours of CCTV footage, and pinpointing defects at the touch of a button so you can manage asset data and create defensible rehabilitation plans in hours rather than months.

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Train your AI on great data for great results

What you get out of AI depends on what you put in. To avoid algorithm bias and secure impactful outputs, AI tools must be trained (US site) on plenty of high quality water network data. 

Utilizing comprehensive datasets ensures accurate predictions for water quality, consumption patterns, and infrastructure maintenance. With reliable data, AI optimizes resource allocation, detects leaks, and enhances water treatment processes, encouraging efficiency and sustainability in water management practices.

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