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Feature codes

When you start the network version of an Autodesk product, Autodesk asks the Network Licence Manager (NLM) for a licence.


The NLM controls the issued licences and handles licence requests using feature codes. Feature codes are specific to the products. Any network version of an Autodesk product has a unique feature code.

Flexnet feature codes

Feature codes come in three types: product-specific on a maintenance plan, product-specific subscription with multi-user access, and product version-specific. For example:

  • 64300ACD_F  indicates a perpetual licence of AutoCAD on a maintenance plan.

  • 64300ACD_T_F  indicates a subscription of AutoCAD with multi-user access.

  • 87393ACD_2021_0F  indicates a specific product and version: AutoCAD 2021.

The first two don’t change from one release to the next: 64300ACD always indicates AutoCAD. However, the last one is a unique feature code for every new product release.


Feature codes are necessary because NLM administers licences for hundreds of Autodesk products and versions. So, all products need unique identifiers. Autodesk product feature codes appear in licence files, debug log files, options files, support articles, and more. Here is an example of a feature code in a log file entry:

11:00:04 (adskflex) OUT: '87393ACD_2021_0F' user@hostname

When you create an options file to manage your network licence usage, you must know which feature code maps to which product.


With every new release, Autodesk publishes a list of the product feature codes for that year.


Use the interactive lookup tool to find product keys for your Autodesk products. Make sure to select both the correct product name and year (version)



An easy way to view the feature codes for the licences you own is to use the License File Parser

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