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Workflows to develop, manage & integrate Infrastructure BIM Projects

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    The year is 2021, and BIM is steadily becoming the norm in the industry. While Building projects have welcomed BIM, there still is a lot to explore when it comes to Infrastructure projects in India, especially in the case of higher levels of details (LOD) model requirements. In this talk, we will look at some case studies from large Indian construction projects where Autodesk tools were successfully utilized for taking BIM to a new level, with construction and fabrication workflows in mind. Additionally, aspects of modern, cloud-based project management using tools from Autodesk Construction Cloud shall be discussed and how the data within the models can be connected to other applications by leveraging the power of Autodesk Forge platform will be covered.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover some upcoming trends in the AEC industry and how certain Autodesk solutions will help in their adoption
    • Learn the depth & detail at which tools can be utilized for modeling & coordination, & then further extended via integrations
    • Understand how cloud technologies & data integration is quickly becoming the de facto standard in projects and organizations
    • Get to know advanced Rebar and structural fabrication workflows in Infrastructure projects through case studies