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Visualization of Design Using Augmented Reality and Smart Wearable Devices

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    In this class, you will learn how to view your designs in-place using Augmented Reality on DAQRI smart devices. We will see how data created in any application (Revit, Inventor, Fusion, etc.) can be brought into DAQRI devices a using visualization pipeline that prepares the content for live viewing in Unity based applications. Since CAD models are typically heavy and difficult to visualize on wearable devices, we will explore ways to optimize the content for best viewing performance. We will also look at configuration steps to align model edges with the real world building or machinery. You will learn how existing content in BIM 360 can be shown live in Augmented Reality on DAQRI devices to increase productivity and reduce errors associated with design interpretation. Finally, we will demonstrate how IoT enabled asset data can be shown in Augmented Reality. The material in this class is designed to complement your existing design visualization workflows.

    Key Learnings

    • Understand the visualization pipeline that enables live viewing of heavy CAD models in augmented reality on DAQRI devices
    • Learn how to configure CAD models for optimal viewing performance on DAQRI smart devices
    • Understand how Forge services can be used to optimize the CAD model and convert files to types that are supported by Unity-based applications
    • Understand how IoT live-asset performance information from sensors can be displayed in the right context using augmented reality