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Using the Architecture, Engineering & Construction Collection Tools for Land Development Projects

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    Developing schemes for land usage requires the gathering and analysis of a lot of existing data, the incorporation of proposed structures and buildings, and perhaps even some free-form “napkin” sketches. Such data is pertinent to coming up with solutions and alternatives. Once this conceptual design is formalized, the design progresses to the next project phase, design development / detailed design. In this session, you’ll discover tools you can use within InfraWorks software to develop and test a conceptual design, developing alternatives and weighing them against each other. We will use data from a variety of sources, including geographic information system (GIS) data, Revit models, scanned hand sketches, AutoCAD and Civil 3D drawings, FormIt models, and more. You’ll also learn how to carry a conceptual design farther by bringing it into Civil 3D software, and from there the design surface will be shared with Revit software via BIM 360 software. Finally, we’ll use Navisworks software for visualization and quantification.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to use InfraWorks for efficient and effective conceptual design
    • Learn how to carry the concept into design development within Civil 3D and Revit
    • Learn how to share surfaces between Revit and Civil 3D using Desktop Connector
    • Learn how to use Navisworks for quantification and visualization