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University of Southern California Object-Oriented AoT Project Lifecycle Management

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    Lewis Matthew Miller, AIA (senior project manager in University of Southern California's capital construction development department) and Ruby Xuewen Quan (Building Information Modeling program specialist in University of Southern California's Facilities Management Services) will describe current business challenges in USC's ecosystem of building design, construction, and facilities operations, as well as management processes, and resulting losses. The proposed object-oriented architecture of transmission project lifecycle management, acts as a counterpoint to commissioned IoT technologies.

    Key Learnings

    • Understand business challenges USC is currently experiencing through a surge of redundant, yet nonconforming, modeled project information
    • Learn from an owner’s perspective why a developing record Revit set is important throughout a building’s entire lifecycle
    • Learn why USC is piloting the proposed “BIM 360 Docs with Revit” workflow adjustments
    • Learn how to benefit from the initial results from BIM 360 Docs with Revit pilot programs