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Revit for modular design, prefabrication and repetitive layouts.

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    Showcasing the 100,000m2 University hospital of Stavanger we will introduce new workflows in Revit for the seamless design of cross discipline modular and prefabricated components. The Scandinavian hospital proposes a giant lego-like assembly in its construction and tests currently unreleased Revit functionalities which have enabled the efficient control and development of the prefabrication strategy parallel to the overall project design. <br /><br />We will present an interdisciplinary BIM workflow for the drawing and analysis of prefabricated components and show new techniques in data management which have allowed us to monitor component changes, identify deviations, and align project outputs with the information demands of the building industry. This class will also demonstrate how this methodology can be applicable to schools, hotels and other repetitive or prefabricated projects.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn new Revit workflows to effectively design for panelistation/modulisation and strategies for drawing for repetitive design
    • Learn new cross-discipline functionalities in Revit which lead to an integrated approach to the prefabrication strategy
    • Get insight into a large-scale hospital project with a demanding BIM delivery, and get examples of workflows used to produce the right level of detail at the right time to meet the demands of the project participants
    • Get examples of cross-disciplinary information flow and the types of analysis used to assess the modulation strategy and the project as a whole