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Revit for MEP Fabrication: The Process from Start to Finish
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This class will teach MEP subcontractors how to set up and use Revit software for MEP modeling, coordination, and fabrication. Having developed this service from scratch, we’ll offer a unique perspective on the process from start to finish. We’ll start by learning how to set up Fabrication Parts in Revit, adding custom parts to our catalog, and we’ll discuss efficient modeling strategies using these new parts. We’ll then explore add-ins and software that are helpful in the coordination process. Finally, we’ll discuss useful coordination drawings, spooling drawings, and how to create these so they facilitate a simpler workflow in the field.

Key Learnings

  • Learn how to set up and utilize Revit MEP Fabrication Parts and assemblies to create various shop drawings to be utilized in the field
  • Learn how to use Fabrication CADmep to develop custom Revit Fabrication Parts for each project
  • Learn about third-party Revit add-ins that can facilitate faster workflow in creating accurate 3D models
  • Discover efficient modeling strategies for getting the most out of Revit



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