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Real-time CAD Visualization with Unreal Studio

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    Creating stunning, real-time interactive visuals for architecture, product design, and manufacturing is fast and easy with Unreal Studio. Unreal Studio is Epic Games’ suite of tools for importing 3D models from CAD and Digital Content Creation applications to Unreal Engine. This session will explore Unreal Engine visualization workflows and the Unreal Studio toolset, and illustrate how the Datasmith plug-in can accelerate your enterprise workflow.

    Key Learnings

    • Take advantage of powerful, free, real-time tools to experience design data
    • Quickly bring complex design data into Unreal Engine with minimal effort.
    • Understand the tools and resources available to harness the power of Unreal for Real-Time Rendering.
    • Understand the challenges faced with CAD data preparation for Real-Time and Rendering workflows.