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Putting the QA/QC into BIM
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BIM (Building Information Modeling) is becoming more prevalent as a deliverable required by large owners. Owners are asking for more robust models and the inclusion of data capture for operations and maintenance. At the same time, the number of models it takes to create a project continues to grow. This puts BIM managers in the precarious situation of needing to support existing projects while trying to create workflows to manage a growing list of digital deliverables. In this session, we will explore industry trends and project examples that include BIM deliverables mandated by owners. We will hear from owners about what they are looking for in BIM deliverables, and why. Finally, we’ll explore ways to use Dynamo and Revit software’s free model-checking tools to create automated workflows for model checking for the best BIM deliverables.

Key Learnings

  • Discover BIM deliverables and deliverable trends on large projects
  • Learn multiple ways to create a QA/QC plan for BIM models
  • Get acquainted with multiple tools to help automate review of BIM deliverables
  • Learn how to develop your own BIM QA/QC plan for your organization, from designers to owners



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