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Practical Help for People Problems When Implementing New Programs, Workflows, or Methodologies

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    We all know about encountering technological problems when dealing with change in CAD/BIM use. There's plenty to read and a lot written about it. Why? Because it's relatively straightforward: How much does it cost? What computer to buy? How much RAM to get? Which program to use? What size network to deploy? There are answers to all these questions, as they're easy to answer. But when it comes to the people problems, whatever your involvement, it all gets a bit difficult. No straightforward answers, lots of pitfalls to fall in (I've been there), everything's complex, interwoven, and multi-layered: Which 2 people are the same? How you can you start to address this? I haven't discovered a 'cure-all', but I have been using the next best thing: SCARF. Built upon the latest brain scanning research from around the world, SCARF addresses the human fundamentals of why change can fail and can help produce productive answers from your change problems, whether you’re creating change or being changed. Come along to find out what neuroscience and neuroleadership are and how Status, Certainty, Autonomy, Relatedness, and Fairness (SCARF) can oil the changes in your CAD/BIM use, or any other change process. Whether you are at the top, the bottom, or somewhere in between, this session will give you a common language to discuss the answers to your change problems.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover a simple way of analysing the fundamentals of the problems you're having with change, or being changed, in CAD/BIM use, or any other change
    • Learn how to easily improve employer-employee communication, in either direction, during CAD/BIM change, enabling quicker and easier change
    • Understand how to avoid the change management pitfalls encountered by others during changes in CAD use, helping improve, or contribute to, the ROI during change
    • Know how SCARF (Status, Certainty, Autonomy, Relatedness, and Fairness) can help your CAD/BIM change, from the top down, bottom up, or middle out