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The Next Steps in BIM: Civil and Construction Coordination with BIM Models

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    BIM as both a process and a type of software has been utilized for architectural and engineering design and documentation for some time now, and its use continues to spread to more facets of the AEC industry. This class will focus on the BIM process as it applies now more than ever to both the civil and construction trades. Using real world examples and core design concepts, we will explore strategies for how the civil and construction trades can best coordinate with the other trades' BIM models and data. We will also discuss the benefits of improving civil engineering collaboration with the other BIM models during the design and documentation stage, and later incorporating the construction and subcontractor models. With increased collaboration at every stage comes improved design efficiency, reduced costs, and the potential for a more interactive model deliverable that can be leveraged by owners for operations and maintenance.

    Key Learnings

    • Identify the process for keeping a coordinated BIM model within the construction process
    • Describe what information is typically needed from a BIM model for construction and civil use
    • Create a BIM model for construction management from a documentation model
    • Describe useful techniques for sharing relevant data between the architectural, MEP, structural, and civil trades