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New Atlanta Stadium: Taking BIM to the End Zone

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    Walk through the construction process of a 2-million-square-foot world-class sports facility using Building Information Modeling to facilitate communication, improve understanding, and solve problems well in advance of costly surprises in the field. We'll review the tools that enable us to review/stamp 3D submittals on a 20,000-ton steel package, manage 25-plus Design Team Revit software projects, coordinate 300-plus trade contractor files using BIM 360 Glue software, visualize steel fabrication status, validate accurate installation using Point Layout software and laser scanning, and a lot more. Finally, we'll reveal what we can do better on the next stadium project (or major project in general).

    Key Learnings

    • Discover how to set up BIM 360 Glue on any scale project
    • Learn how to implement design/BIM management workflows for aesthetics and constructability
    • Discover best practices for BIM planning and procurement in preconstruction
    • Learn how to effectively deploy as-built verification procedures