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Maximizing Your BIM - Transforming Your Design Into a Reality

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    See how maximizing your BIM can conquer design and construction challenges efficiently through technology. Take the design from Revit in the office and into the field through virtual coordination in BIM360Glue, to field process layout with the BIM360Layout, to reality capture in ReCap. The information doesn't stop, carry the BIM through BIM360Field and BIM360Ops. Learn how the benefits of scanning and creating point clouds can benefit your coordination model as it progresses, and help your team and the owner track your project. Learn how these applications break down the communication barriers that still exist in today's industry, and gets everyone on the same digital page. Finally learn how to streamline your project BIM better, and get it into the hands of not only the installer but ultimately the client.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to capitalize on BIM workflows
    • Learn how to use BIM data in construction for facility maintenance
    • Learn how to put the power of BIM in the hands of field teams
    • Learn how to go from virtual construction to actual construction