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MEP Fabrication: Small to Mid-Size Companies

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    MEP fabrication has been a hot topic for many years. It seems only the larger companies are taking advantage of this opportunity. We are starting see fabrication appear in instructions to bidders and, in some cases, demands from owners. Could MEP fabrication work for a small or mid-size company? In this class we will discuss the fundamental elements that make a successful fabrication shop and we’ll explore the possibilities of making fabrication functional for a smaller company. We will talk about material flow, people flow, automation, equipment placement, bulk buying, material movement, cultural/behavior changes, software, Building Information Modeling (BIM) coordination, effects on job-site safety, early turnover, and packaging for delivery to job sites. This will be an interactive session with plenty of time for questions during and after the presentation.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how fabrication affects job-site safety
    • Discover how placement of equipment/machinery affects productivity
    • Discover how culture and behavior of people affect productivity
    • Discover the fruits of capitalizing on software for BIM coordination for fabrication