Tue, 11/03/2020 - 11:36 2014 AC5408 Las Vegas Introduction to Design Visualization Concepts


Are you new to design visualization? Are you having a hard time understanding the language needed to communicate or produce the daily requests for images or videos? Do you not know how a photorealistic image is constructed from a software perspective? Through various software examples, you will learn the basics of design visualization. This lecture will help you understand the language used to create images or videos that will communicate your designs. Get an overview of the Autodesk, Inc., design visualization portfolio. This class will work from concrete examples directly related to 3ds Max Design software, Maya software, Showcase software, VRED software, Navisworks software, Ecotect Analysis green building software, InfraWorks software, Revit software, Inventor software, AutoCAD software, and the Fusion 360 3D CAD design app.

Key Learnings

  • Understand techniques needed to create a photorealistic 3D rendering and how they are used in various Autodesk products
  • Understand the language and terminology used in context of design visualization projects
  • Understand the principles behind the creation of images and videos, and choose the right output for different presentations
  • Get an overview and comparison of various Visualization Solutions in the Autodesk products portfolio
AutoCAD, Showcase AutoCAD; Showcase Other Architect; Product Designer; Industrial and Product Designer; Architecture Industry
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Design b2808616-ef4a-45e5-855a-eccef0139b3b Activity
Visualization 57b20288-0024-4864-bc1b-bee28cf77476 Activity
Green Building 44420486-4e26-4fc2-b0c6-64696c0b274e Activity
Animation & Visual Effects 4f1db796-9ef9-4526-a805-db7c89245fe4 Activity
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Ecotect Analysis ee73a423-7ba6-4cf1-aad9-8e30915fe6a7 Products
Fusion 360 7a29b1d4-fb27-579d-a659-83472a185186 Products
InfraWorks a7d9a53b-f2d3-5da9-a7db-b9382e3cca12 Products
Inventor 55f2766f-c68a-40f2-bd57-1c961c97ba3a Products
Maya 58a55439-3e07-423f-a483-d1032511e5b4 Products
Navisworks Products 7b7fa042-0b35-46ee-9ed0-e219ec723b65 Products
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VRED 774c42a2-64fa-5e7e-8860-130d67017382 Products
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