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Inside a BIM Skyscraper Project with BIM 360 Design Collaboration: HEKLA Tower

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    How good is the new aspect of BIM 360 software: Design Collaboration? What if you have more than 10 teams on it? How do you start the BIM aspect of a 75,000-square-meter project? As a leading BIM construction company, VINCI Construction France is always looking to improve project management processes. In this class, we’ll present how the Autodesk cloud-based software is applied on a real project: the iconic HEKLA tower, designed by Ateliers Jean Nouvel. We’ll introduce the 1.5-year working progress on BIM 360 Design Collaboration (six months after the official launch). We’ll go deeper to understand how we manage a big project that reaches software performance limits. We’ll also show homemade tools that we used on the project: Forge app linked to Microsoft Power BI, Revit model checker rules to improve the BIM quality of the project. To go further, we’ll show some field implementations that are linked to our BIM 360 platform.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover how to use BIM 360 Design Collaboration
    • Discover the BIM aspect of a big building project: a skyscraper
    • Discover the Forge use for BIM management
    • Discover the tool Revit Model Checker for BIM management