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Improving Construction Safety, Manufacturing Training, and More with VR

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    Technology is rapidly changing our world, specifically in the last year we’ve seen a significant increase in the use of virtual reality (VR) within the manufacturing and construction industries. VR is being adopted in manufacturing to train employees more thoroughly and efficiently, and it’s being used for training in construction in a number of areas including workplace safety, basic simulation, and extreme task simulation. Both of these industries are primed to implement VR at a massive scale, because they are extremely hands on in nature and can also be very dangerous without the proper training and experience. HTC VIVE, NVIDIA, and DELL will explore several use cases on increasing construction and manufacturing safety through VR, the benefits of VR for training and how the technology is changing the way the AEC industry works from design, to simulation, to implementation.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how organizations are using VR for training
    • Describe how large construction companies are increasing safety with VR
    • Define how VR is impacting manufacturing
    • Learn the ROI and benefits of implementing VR applications