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How Not to Start Your First Huge BIM Process Plant Projects

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    When adopting new design tools such as Revit software, Inventor software, and AutoCAD Plant 3D software, there are some 'No Go' rules for starting a project: don't start with a large project; don't start with a new client; don't start without proper training. This class will share an insider's view of the lessons learned from a $200 million, 192,000-square-foot, process plant facility expansion project that broke the rules and yet is a success today by any definition. We will explain why the client plans to incorporate Building Information Modeling (BIM) on all future projects. Topics of the class include training strategies, database considerations, data sharing between stakeholders, and data sharing between software platforms. Learn how Navisworks project review software saved the day. See how point clouds and reality computing are incorporated before, during, and after construction.

    Key Learnings

    • Understand effective practices for comprehensive BIM integration on large projects
    • Obtain strategies for overcoming initial training deficiencies
    • Discover the benefits of Navisworks software on project coordination and visualization
    • Discover the critical steps for setting up an AutoCAD Plant 3D software project