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Gaming Peripherals for Designers—Improving Your Interface
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In a well-set-up workflow, it gets harder to find those incremental improvements that we can use to shave seconds off of each task. What if we could shave seconds off of lots of tasks with one tool? Computer gamers and mechanical-keyboard enthusiasts have a few tools that the CAD community has not yet widely embraced. Gaming peripherals are designed to send multiple keystrokes or commands to a computer in one key press. This class will look at how input devices such as game pads, gaming mice, and customized keyboards can improve a design professional’s workflow. We’ll look at several types of individually customizable input tools, and discuss how we can implement tools that were not designed for a corporate environment in that environment. We’ll examine where these tools have shortcomings, and how to dial in their utility versus the potential for them to be a distraction. The speaker has been using the tools we’ll discuss for more than a decade in Revit software and AutoCAD software—find out why.

Key Learnings

  • Discover how macro commands can be used to speed up workflow, and identify hardware to apply them
  • Learn about gaming peripherals, and learn how to select the best one(s) for your practice
  • Learn how to find a mechanical keyboard appropriate for your needs in a CAD workflow
  • Discover solutions for using these tools in a corporate environment


Gaming Peripherals for Designers: Improving Your Interface

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