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Extending Virtual Design and Construction to Support Total Cost of Ownership

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    The U.S. design and construction industry is shifting toward single-source delivery approaches such as design-build and integrated project delivery (IPD). A fundamental feature that these delivery systems share is the participation of subcontractors in the early stages of the project. DPR Construction has invested heavily in the use of new technologies such as Building Information Modeling (BIM) and in development of expertise in collaborative delivery methods. We find that including owner's Operations and Maintenance Teams in IPD leads to better total-cost-of-ownership outcomes, providing an opportunity to make asset data flow from the project into asset management systems. This information, along with building-automation-system trend data, makes possible a more accurate picture of building system performance, thereby improving decision-making about energy spend, system maintenance, and repair. We will share DPR's experience working with owners who understand the business value of IPD in order to achieve breakthrough outcomes in whole-life management of projects and buildings.

    Key Learnings

    • Understand how O&M can play for enterprises
    • Understand the business case for BIM in lowering total cost of ownership
    • Understand virtual design and construction principles
    • Understand the importance of early involvement by the owner's operations and maintenance team