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Digital Project Management: Lean, Integrated Project Delivery Process

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    This class will encompass the journey for BIM (Building Information Modeling) managers from the inception of the BIM execution plan and through the various phases of construction. The case studies will illustrate the skills that project managers need to develop and implement an execution plan across a project. The class will showcase the development of DEP based on AIA and other standards. We will discuss in detail the design development and construction document phases of the project to define the processes that BIM managers can use to excel on projects. The class will showcase case studies from projects across the United States, Europe, and Singapore, and examine how the BIM journey across a project can be excelled. This class is a great resource that can give all BIM managers and designers the opportunity to learn from real-life projects across the globe.

    Key Learnings

    • Development of Digital Execution Plan based on AIA & UK Level 2.
    • Strategic planning during design development or concept design phase.
    • Implementation of BEP during CD and CA phase of project.
    • Guidelines for LOD 500 Level BIM data at project handover.