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Design Technology Leadership: Standards and Processes on Autodesk Products

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    The class will highlight standards and best practices for design technology management across design firms. Firms using strategic collaboration get an enhanced return on investment (ROI) that enables them to reach and build pioneering success on the prowess of human capital. This class will showcase the processes involved in delivering the vision of firms’ management to achieve digital leadership in the industry. Design leadership has multiple facets and can be summarized as The Three Ps: Projects, Processes, and People. Design leadership is at its best when it creates best processes and standards across all projects by raising the people skills. This class will help hone and develop tomorrow’s leaders to lead the change and pioneer digital leadership across firms.

    Key Learnings

    • Implement and manage Design Technology Leadership in your organization​
    • Enhanced profitability and efficiency using automation and generative design​
    • Design Leadership Mentoring : Serve the team with humble spirit​
    • Strategies to maintain technological sanity during Covid-19