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Design, Camera, ACTION: Set Design with Point Clouds, Revit, and 3ds Max for Films

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    We will cover the various techniques used in the film and television industry when dealing with sensitive sites or locations. This class will also address the use of ReCap Pro software for reality capture using point clouds with photogeometry and exporting the appropriate file format when importing into Revit software to assist in the manipulation of the site design (set design). We’ll examine use of storyboard techniques translated by production designers to create construction documents and renderings for both site location and set designs (exterior and interior) with Revit and 3ds Max software. We’ll also learn how cloud collaboration improves the workflow between various disciplines within the art department and production show runners for faster turnaround using virtual reality walk-throughs. We’ll also examine immersive design with the use of augmented reality and mixed reality to determine what is actually constructed, what is virtually constructed, and what is sent out for fabrication when constructing film sets.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover the need for reality capture using drones for sensitive sites and topography manipulation used in the film industry
    • Learn how to determine the best file format for use in ReCap Pro and how this is integrated with Revit for designing sets
    • Learn how to collaborate with various film departments using cloud collaboration and prepare for augmented reality coordination
    • Learn how to merge the various file formats to create a virtual set design with topography, buildings, and renderings