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Creating Smart Campuses and Cities Using BIM

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    As campus managers and cities look to embrace the Internet of Things, many are finding that while they have lots of data, managing this data so it can be used in a meaningful way is proving more difficult. Our session will explore how BIM can be used as a vehicle by campus managers and cities to capture, store, and disseminate multiple levels of data (e.g., building, social, environmental, government, economic) as well as generate additional benefits. We will look at how a 3D model can be created in Revit / InfraWorks and populated with data from many sources (e.g., sensors, real-time traffic information, social forums etc.) which can then be accessed by managers, governments, and citizens using tablets, apps, dashboards, and software such as BIM 360 Field. We will also discuss the benefits that can be generated including better decision making, easier benchmarking, improved performance, greater connectivity, and enhanced community engagement.

    Key Learnings

    • Understand how BIM can be used by estates managers and cities as a vehicle to manage, store, and share data
    • Learn about the benefits of using BIM in the smart campus and city environments
    • Learn how BIM 360 Field, Revit, and InfraWorks can be used to help cities adopt smart principles
    • Learn how data can be captured using sensors and other mechanisms